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Back in 1976, Angel Stamenov, the designer of APS began his parachuting career in a local skydiving club in his hometown. Only after a year of jumps and practice, Angel started to repair main, reserve parachutes and harness containers.
His dream was someday to design and manufacture his own equipment for skydiving. In subsequent years he worked as a parachuting instructor and rigger. He met his wife Ani, also a skydiver (instructor and rigger), and together build a company for paragliding equipment.
Later came their daughter Vesela. Now she is an aircraft engineer and a pilot, and together with her husband, also an engineer, they hwork on  the development and design of the harnesses.
After years of successful parachuting career, many prizes in local and international parachuting competitions, and years of experience in repair and maintenance of parachute equipment the family started the company in 1990. At that time, the main activity was designing and manufacturing of harnesses for paragliders. The dream of their own harnesses comes true, and Angel begins to develop and manufacture harness containers for their own use and for friends.
In 2005, the company became a member of Parachute Industry Association. In 2006, it was awarded a "Diplome d'Honner" from FAI for contribution and development of air sports in Bulgaria.
Now already 22 years on the market, with production of over 50,000 harnesses for paragliding and, for a short time, over 1,000 rigs, it is one of the biggest companies in Eastern Europe in this industry. With the most modern technology, computerized equipment, the latest quality materials, and skilled professionals, APS  is certified in all European standards for quality and safety.

In 2004, Ani and Angel opened their own dropzone and began working on certification of AVALON harness, which has been tested many times by them. Despite stringent requirements, AVALON successfully passed all tests and trials, and in 2010 received European certification (AS8515B/64.084.001)

Now APS produce the most wonderful and comfortable skydiving harness in different  variants: AVALON Sport and AVALON Student, AVALON Pop Top - Sport and Student. The goal was to create a suitable harness for all skydivers’ needs, as well as for students and for experienced skydivers alike.

AVALON harnesses are made from the best available materials and are compatible to all harness containers on the market. AVALON offers you great comfort and you feel free in the air!


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